The Droop Story

Brewer’s Droop had humble beginnings as a straightforward letter, sent to my existing and potential clients when I owned an advertising agency. About 80 in total.

They were signed individually, using a fountain pen, and were distributed by a method called “the post” (which some people still remember fondly).

I was aware that quite a few were being copied and handed to friends etc., and I started getting requests for others to be added to the list, which increased to around 200 quite quickly.

Then came the magic of eMail and it made it all so easy. It meant I could spend more time writing and less time licking stamps.

On the 3rd June 1997, I sent out my first eMail letter, which was immediately dubbed “Brewer’s Droop” by the guys at JWT and the name stuck and it’s been called that ever since.

The content emphasis has shifted slightly over the years and it’s less about the advertising and marketing industries and more about life in general these days. A kind of Grumpy Old Man’s Diary.

Then one day a friend told me I’d been quoted in The Times of India (Delhi) and, later that same day I heard extracts of my own letter being discussed on 567 Cape Talk. It was only then that I realised that “more than just a few” people were reading it.

And now the next logical evolutionary step is to give it a permanent on-line home.

Hopefully this will make it more accessible and I’m really hoping we’ll get a lot of comments in the blog section. It will certainly mean I can make more frequent posts – rather than waiting until the month-end.

Tell all your friends and please visit often – and be as rude as you wish in the comments section!


Chris Brewer