Brewer's Droop #281

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This blog is rather different to my usual subject(s). A few may not agree but I think most readers will find it cheering and heartwarming.

Essentially this is a short account of what happened to our cat, Rocky, and the reactions to the event.

But firstly I want to say how thoroughly sick to death I am about reading and hearing about Covid news together with those vile people who steal our taxes, make stupid decisions and generally make us all feel miserable.

This axiomatically includes politicians (except for, perhaps, a handful of good ones). I don’t want to see another picture of one (even you Cyril and you’re not the worst – just surrounded by idiots).

Many people are making plans to leave the country, the favourite seeming to be the UK (while you can still get in – Australia and New Zealand you can forget). The problem is that Great Britain is probably making even worse decisions and their infection/recovery rates are not a patch on what we’re achieving here so far. In short the UK is a cock-up right now.

I’ve made a decision which I’ll close-off this section with because this blog is about Rocky so I’ll tell that first.

He is the gentlest, most handsome boy you’ve ever seen. Loves everyone and prefers being at home with us rather than out in the vineyards or exploring.

A couple of days ago he asked to go outside (yes, he does talk) which is what he does from time to time – but never longer than an hour or so.

Anyway, he didn’t come back. My wife kept a vigil most of the night, but no sign of him.

The next day she and my brother-in-law (Shane) did everything conceivable to try and find him. A notice was sent out to all the local What’sApp groups and Face Book groups within all the neighbouring area. Shane searched high and low for him all day.

We had a lot of consoling messages from many of these groups who had also forwarded the notice to other groups – probably hundreds, if not thousands of people. Messages flooded in and Rocky was the most famous cat in the Helderberg. We phoned Vets (obviously because he’s been microchipped) and animal organisations.

So we waited. The worst part was not knowing what had happened or where he was. A very sad day.

After 24 hours we were really worried.

Then, last night, after him being missing for 30 hours, at around 10:30pm, my wife decided to wait up a little longer “just in case”. To be honest I thought it was a waste of time but she was determined. She doesn’t give up – ever.

A few minutes later she heard him at the front door and there he was. He looked a little shaken and not vocal as he usually is. Anyway, he didn’t look injured but definitely not “himself”.

This morning he was taken to the Vet who said he was in pain and that was sorted immediately. He’s now having X-rays because they suspect his back hip may have been injured. Luckily it was nothing critical but he had been hurt.

The point of this story is that, sometimes, you feel you live in a cruel and evil world but there are hundreds and hundreds of truly kind people out there just like you and me. They have big hearts and are genuinely concerned about others. Really good people.

We can’t thank them enough.

Which leads me to the point of this story. I’m not leaving SA.

But I will try hard not to have anything to do with the doom and gloom. I’ve stopped reading about misery. Not reading anything except for those who write about my industry and a few online columnists whom I know or trust.

The rest just want headlines and, for the most part, I don’t trust their “news” either. And why, oh why, do we give so much publicity to such nasty people?

With that, Rocky is home safely and I’d rather sit quietly cuddled up with him. That’s my idea of an idyllic evening, talking to my cat.

Thanks for reading, and remember there are millions of really nice and peaceful people out there in this country. Smile hello to your neighbour.

Concentrate on the positives.

Kindest regards,

Chris (Please feel free to forward this link to anyone you think may be interested).

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  1. Just loved it Chris…. I had the same with my Cat Diesel a few years ago…..

    • Very happy for you. They’re so important in our lives.

  2. Ah so glad he came home – its just the worst when you don’t know xx

    I’m one of those that left – not because of politics (although it certainly didn’t help) but because we can’t afford to retire even with all the pensions, ra’s and investments – we could have done 2 or 3 years max. And I couldn’t get a job – over 60! Here, whilst I’m not working yet (dear covid), I’m happily in a tiny house, waiting for the man and the dog to arrive (again covid!) and have started my new adventure – miss you all terribly though. Please don’t be hard on those that choose to leave, its not easy and not that much fun at first but it is an adventure for sure :) take care and be safe.

    • Good luck!

      You didn’t mention which country you went to (UK?) but I hope it all works out for the best.

      Thanks so much for writing.

    • Hello Max!
      When I read the article I just knew it was you – miss you! Any idea when Steve and Rupert can fly out?

  3. I agree 100% Chris! I have also stopped watching TV news channels and have cancelled all newspaper subscriptions.

    I firmly believe we should all concentrate on spreading, not unhappiness.

    Good news on your cat!

    • Thanks Steve.

  4. Well it’s probably not a coincidence that all the “nice” people are also animal lovers.
    We also experienced our cat go missing a few months ago and we can’t explain the joy we felt when after 36 hours (and everyone looking out for him) in the middle of the night, luckily unharmed.

    • You are absolutely right Paul.

      Lovely to hear the story of your missing cat had a happy ending.

      Thanks for writing.

  5. Oh thank goodness! SO EXTREMELY relieved Rocky boy is safe and sound!

    • Very kind Tracey. He’s in the Bolander this week. xxx

  6. Thank goodness the story of Rocky has a happy ending. How about a photo of him?

    • Will try. It’s done in Word Press so I have to work it out.

  7. Just on a completely different note, I heard from Dave Luetchford that Rodney Chalmers had passed away. Surprised no mention of it in any of the media press.

    • I sent a message to all the “senior” admen that I know,

  8. Lovely blog today. Pleased to hear about Rocky and wishing him a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks Rebecca!

  9. On point, as always. Thank you for the share and wonderful read. Rocky is one lucky cat to have a family who is so in touch with what truly matters. As for the rest, you sir know best of all that clickbait media is the new norm. The more sensationalist the better, it gives suspect media platforms bragging rights. As for the fallout, ownership or responsibility for their deplorable actions, that’s a whole other debate for another day 😉 Thank you again for your investment in calling it out for it is – predictable, self-serving and sad.

    • You’re right Jason.

  10. Happy that Rocky is safe at home. Just love your style of writing!!!

    • Thanks so much – appreciate it.

  11. Thanks for sharing Chris , delighted that the 3 of you happily reunited. I also try to ignore all the hype and lies but feel we should continually “fight” against it .


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