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I know that this subject has been commented upon many, many times, but after seeing a couple of interviews recently I found myself becoming rather agitated. So please bear with me.

I’m not sure why I deserve to be branded as such (well I do actually) because, to my my knowledge and memory I haven’t done anything racist in my life. I’ve done other stuff of which I’m not particularly proud, but never anything racist.

The reasons for my relegation to the morally challenged group have been been confirmed by several politicians. I’m not going to mention their names because I don’t believe they deserve the publicity. In fact I think they should all be gagged.

Nevertheless it seems that I’m a racist because I’m white. That’s it. Nothing else. In their eyes I am a white man and, by virtue of that fact, I am ipso facto a racist

I find those accusations very offensive because I honestly have never separated people by race, gender, sexual orientation or political beliefs – and anything else for that matter.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is to spread love and happiness.

Okay I’ve had a few rants about corruption and mismanagement of state owned businesses but that hardly qualifies me as a racist does it?

And I’m not alone. My friends (black and white or whatever) tend to share my views.

I’ve employed many people during my career and I’ve never, ever, not hired someone because of their race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender or age. On reflection I may have shown some slight bias towards pretty girls but, hey that’s what normal guys do.

I can’t help being white but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to spend the rest of my life apologising for being so – and paying taxes so that many others less fortunate than myself can get some financial relief from the government – provided the rulers of our country don’t grab it all first and hide it away in China or somewhere else ghastly.

But seriously, why does it always seem that only white people are racists and black people the victims? I don’t understand the logic. When a politician says, in public, that “all white people are thieves and should be thrown out of their homes” then I don’t think that’s very nice. In my opinion they really ARE the racists.

Why not try friendship and harmony for a change? Be kind and considerate to others. It might just make big changes to our society.

My kindest regards,

Chris (Please feel free to forward this link to anyone you think may be interested). March 2021

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  1. Hello Chris.
    You are right on the button. Yet, it’s a global manifestation and I can’t see it changing in the near future. Very sadly.

    • Thanks Colin,

      Unfortunately I think you’re right.

  2. Absolutely on the button, Chris. It is an fate we seemed doomed to, but not just here. So, so terribly sad. I deal with staff at the bottom end of employment and with blacks at the pinnacle of their careers who I can honestly say, in both brackets, are amazing people and should be treated as such. However, the same colour blindness does not apply. We are white, therefore we are automatically advantaged. Tell that to the bolshy white squatter who has lived on my property for years. I am sick and tired of being tarred with a brush I do not deserve,

    • I agree that it’s not very easy to distinguish as there are bad people in every race around the world. But good luck in resolving your problem.

  3. Racist, no, apologist yes. My question is why? I marvel at how convenient/ lazy it is attach labels to concepts and history your accusers clearly don’t understand or have the ability to empathise with. I love all your may shades, Chris, regardless of those who never took the time to hear and know your truth.

    • I agree Jason. In fact it might be a good idea to develop a “racist kit” so that whenever you have a problem you can just invent whatever you wish and twist it around so that the issue is diverted into a black/white thing.

  4. It is a sad sad day when people, who don’t know you, brand you as something as vile as a racist. I’ve worked for Chris for over 15 years, and not once, has this stupid notion ever crossed my mind.
    You’ve always been fair, honest, consistently cool and calm. Regardless.

    • Thanks Tracey, what a lovely thing to say.


  5. If certain Wokes and Politicians by their definitions want to brand me as a racist, because of the colour of my skin (which I can’t change), I’ve learnt to accept it, because I know I am not and cannot change their perceptions.

  6. I agree, Chris, I feel the same way. Perhaps its just that the ” powers that be ” have run out of excuses for the own inabilities and choose to shine the spotlight on the “previously advantaged ” . Its just like the rest of Africa , very good at begging and blaming anyone else but themselves for the failing !!!!!


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