Brewer's Droop #279

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Had a bit of a fright recently. No it wasn’t only seeing Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma suddenly bursting onto my TV screen – although that was pretty bad.

You see, I had a rather urgent need to visit the lavatory (yes, it’s the right – and polite – word, not “toilet” or “bathroom”) and everything seemed to be in ship shape and Bristol fashion. In fact I was almost sorry I had to return to my friends. Feeling good and healthy.

After the mission was accomplished I began preparing myself for re-entry into society.

Stood up, or rather, tried to stand up but kept falling back. Strange.

Tried again – same result. Feeling a little concerned now.

After three or four attempts (each with the same result) I was considering calling for help and a ride to the hospital.

I calmed down a little and applied my mind to the problem and thinking it through……firstly I wasn’t in pain anywhere else and there were no other concerns. Secondly it happened without any warning and only occurred when I tried to stand. Thirdly it seemed to be an identical problem with both legs at the same time.

So, on closer examination about the situation (about which I was becoming alarmed) I realised I had been standing on my braces and every time I tried to get up they pulled me back down.

Momentary embarrassment.


By the way. Last month a lady wrote to me – she was a friend of a person I thought the world of (Cherry). Sadly I lost her reply – so if it was you PLEASE write again. We can share some memories perhaps.


Cheers – and please note that I didn’t once mention the Corona Virus – I’m sick to death about that being the major topic of conversation.

Stay well.


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  1. How many had you had, Chris? :-)

    • I don’t count any more Rebecca!


  2. I’m buying you some high-vis braces for Christmas! Thank you for the laugh today :)

    • I have a pair but hard to see in that situation. Anyway, thanks for the kind thought. Have to go now!

  3. You are always a tonic!

    • And you’re always a delight!!!!!

  4. Now you know why it’s called the “brace”position……

  5. Wonderful to start the day with a laugh ….. it’s going to be a good one ! Thank you.

  6. A bit like a bouncing castle then?

  7. Standing on your braces is stretching it a bit Chris……

  8. You silly sod. hee hee Stay safe, well and inebriated. love

  9. I started reading with alarm and concern … I should’ve known better your story would have a delightful ending. No need to brace myself……….. (sorry, couldn’t resist)


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