Brewer's Droop #256

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That’s how the current frenzy in the media (both traditional and social) make me feel – like I’ve been transported back to the 17th century and the mass hysteria which happened then.

Before I go any further let me VERY QUICKLY point out that I have NO political opinions outside of South Africa’s borders.

But I am worried. Seriously scared in fact with what’s going on. The next step will be lynch mobs.

The American people voted Trump in right? But the people who lost are tearing their hair and screaming their tonsils out about what an awful man he is. How come he won then?

Apart from his comments this (slow and painful) public assassination taking place (because that’s what it is) is a disgrace to the human race. Very few people seem to have remained in control of normal decency.

Celebrities I once admired are pouring bile and vitriol all over Trump. A couple of hysterical rants I’ve seen sugest they’ve lost all sense of decorum. And who the hell are some of these people? Just because they’ve had a few hit songs and/or movies they seem to believe that gives them automatic preacher rights.

They’re suddenly exulted to status way about the average American.

Miley Ray Cyrus said she’d leave the USA if Trump won – maybe that pushed him further into the lead but I don’t think she’s left yet. And Madonna? Well who cares about her (other than the CIA for her threats to blow up the White House).

Even Trevor Noah won’t stop the attacks on his show (maybe that’s what he’s been told to say) but, night after night, he’s ridiculing the President mercilessly. Maybe he deserves it but frankly, I’m sick of it. It just isn’t funny any more.

But apart from the boredom of it all, you then have the leftist snowflakes (the ‘Luvvies’) who foam at the mouth and rant – often without any regard to the accuracy of what they’re spewing forth.

They’re a scary lot. So worked up that they’ve totally lost their sanity.

By all means protest and make your opinions heard – that’s democracy after all. But they’re obssessed.

I suggest you all sit down (away from your Facebook pages) and have a nice cup of tea. Calm down and get your arguments in sensible and logic order. Just stop babbling incoherent nonsense and get a grip – organise your dissatisfaction in a civilised manner.

One lot are even going on about the length of his tie for crying out loud. The say it’s phallic and points to part of his anatomy it shouldn’t be! What???

In Britain, of course, there’s another lot who are letting their cocoa get cold because they’re losing the plot over Brexit. Remember? That was the decision to leave the EU which the majority of Brits voted in favour of leaving.

That’s it folks. It’s done and dusted. Britain’s leaving. Get used to the idea.

Meanwhile there are marches all over the world in support of the anti-Trump movement, the ant-Brexit decision, women’s rights, workers’ rights, fat people’s rights, knobbly-kneed men’s rights, ugly people’s rights and the fact that Toblerone has reduced the size of its chocolate bars (well, the last one’s fair enough).

Mark my words, no good will come of this passion to march, strike, scream obscenities and destroy public property. No good at all.

Meanwhile, back at home, the price of my favourite whisky is soaring through the roof. I think I’ll march and blame it on Trump or the Luvvies-against-alcohol brigade. Or maybe not. Perhaps I’ll just pour another one and shout at the TV.

After all, one has to get ones priorities right.

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  1. Wah! Ha Ha! About time somebody said that! And funny with it too!

    • Thanks!

  2. Well said Chris. I am so over it. What happened to losing graciously?

    • I give up Kathy – losing graciously, it seems, belongs to another era. You know, when there were ladies and gentlemen.

  3. Love it! About time someone mentioned people putting on their big boy/girl knickers. Both issues are now dead boring!

    • True!

  4. Well said! Leave it to us at the tip of Africa to be sane, even if only slightly.

    • Slightly:-)

  5. Madonna threatened to blow up more than the White House……

    • Herself perhaps?

  6. In every democratic election there has to be a bunch that lost. Maybe this is how we will behave in the future.

    Yes, Trump was the second most disliked candidate in US history. Just beaten by Clinton.

    In every product category there are brands you don’t like. Merc owners dislike BMW, Bells drinkers dislike 3 Ships, etc.

    But we don’t have to buy the brand we dislike. Maybe people are learning they can get what they want and ignore what the don’t like.

    Interesting what will happen here in 2019 when whatever party wins there will be losers.

    • Erik, it’s the looney ranting that gets me. Nobody should be able to rant (except me).

  7. So clever, Chris.. As always. Do I dare pass it on to American friends???
    I think time will tell which way it all pans out??
    Even cricketers lose somewhat graciously, don’t they??

    • So far I’ve heard nothing from my American friends. Mind you, they’re a bit behind us (time-wise I mean),

  8. Not bad!

  9. Not bad at all.

  10. Some of us have been saying as much on FB all week. Probably less wittily. Isn’t it amazing that everyone assumes that if you mention one candidate you must be against the other? We try saying we don’t care enough to be for or against and are told the entire free world will go to the dogs, now. Tell that to Syria!
    Pity that the role models for our own citizens don’t improve. Malema may well start wearing black patent leather and threatening to blow up Parliament…with a trademark pussy hat on his head. Live outside the Western Cape and I assure you we have far bigger issues to deal with than Trump. I gather W Cape has had some rain. Enough to keep fires at bay?

    • Pleased I’m not alone in my boredom with it all! Yes, we had some rain. A bit like going to a strip club I suppose – just as you’re getting excited it stops!

      But my lemon tree did perk up a bit.

  11. What is irritating is we abdicate our lives to people we don’t trust (of the lip moving variety), using democracy, which is a failed system, where half the population is disenfranchised. This contortion in turn is based on a Bill of Rights, which I see as the fundamental flaw. Whereas, a Bill of Responsibilities would mean you are required to contribute to society. But I don’t expect any time soon that such a “qualified franchise” would go down well. Cheers,

  12. The people have at last seen through the past lemon sucking liberal rants and want to come back to good old common sense. Hence Brexit & Trump where at least the PC world can see how the world of ours should work.

  13. Thanks Chris, spot-on as usual. The Democrats have always been such sore losers! Obama interfered in the Israeli elections (or tried to, without success). Madonna is a slut who has single-handedly done more to demean women than anything DT could have said. All these so-called Hollywood stars are spoiled rich people who all make the same mistake – they think anyone anywhere cares about what they think. As for Trevor Noah, coming from the country he does, perhaps he should focus his energy on undermining and criticizing Zuma and Co. I am so over the cry-babies bitching and moaning about a President who was elected according to the will of the people. Cheers.

  14. Well said!!! agree! agree! I suppose CNN has to have something to talk about! they are loving it! as for Trevor Noah…yeah its just not funny anymore…..wonder how he will feel when he has to interview Trump one day!? guess it will be from under he table!

  15. The World is losing its decorum and respect for the prior established rules!! This has been a growingry trend, more so in the 21st centuary.
    Decisions were made by the voters to make changes and on the now ‘knee jerk’ reaction and reflection the majority decisions made need to be changed!!
    Understand the Rules and Consequences of your action, like any Sportsman, before your play the game.
    I fully concur with your comments on Celebrity involvement, they should focus on their selected professions and the financial support for other key issues that face the World.

  16. Well said. That’s the Chris I know and love.

  17. Well said Chris, on the button!
    Always look forward to your blog and love your style,
    puts a smile on my dial (poetry unintentional).

  18. Howdy old boy.

    Howzit hanging?

    • Very well thanks Byron. Where are you?


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