Brewer's Droop #253

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Hlaudi Motsoeneng said recently that the SABC was a mess when he arrived (which us why he’s refusing to leave I guess – because he knows best). In reality the SABC has always been a mess for as long as I can remember.

There’s only one common reason I can think of and that’s government intervention.

The moment something is “nationalised” it’s a death sentence.

During my career I reckon there must have been millions and millions of rands squandered because of appalling administration. But that’s only my opinion of course.

The only difference between the SABC under control of the Nats and the SABC under the control of the ANC is that the current lot appear to be doing just about everything wrong – from programme content to contract confirmations. The Nats weren’t quite as bad – but it was still a mess.

It’s a nightmare. Always has been and always will be as long as it remains under the control of politicians.

It’s the same for SAA of course. You’d really struggle to find an organisation so determined to lose billions. It’s commercial suicide on a scale which few of us can even begin to comprehend.

Of course, it’s unfair to pick on Hlaudi and SAA in isolation. The problem is there isn’t enough space here to list all the corrupt and/or inefficient and/or stupid Ministers and ministerial appointments.

I think we’ve become immune to all the stories of intimidation, lying, violence, corruption and gross maladministration. I wonder if we really care anymore? The concept of complaining and demanding resignations is just too tiring to contemplate.

But who knows? Maybe we’ll actually see Hlaudi being kicked out of Fawlty Towers this week. (By the way there’s a pig flying event next weekend.)

Perhaps the answer is to simply shut down government and parliament (just as it seems will be done with universities) and start all over again.

I reckon I might stand for election, actually. I’d like to run the Ministry of Tourism or maybe Communications? What do you think my chances are?


I read this in one of my favourite columns this week (David Biggs).

A man goes into a pub and asks for 6 separate whiskies. The barman pours them and sets them up in a straight line.

The man carefully downs the first one, then the third and the fifth. With that he starts to walk out. But the barman calls after him and asks “why aren’t you finishing all your drinks?” and the man replies (wait for it) “my doctor said it’s okay for me to drink – but only the odd one.”

Well, at least it’s clean and totally PC.

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  1. Surely the madness must end soon and all the crooks sent packing?

  2. By the way, I’d vote for you!!!!!!

    • Me too. Can I be Primr Minister?

      • Absolutely. How many cars and bodyguards would you like? Maybe a jet too?

      • I’ll vote for you – from New Zealand

    • Me, too

  3. I’d vote for you Chris but only if I could be the Minister of Tourism’s PA 😀

    • The job’s yours!

  4. Once appointed to any one of these positions can you take over SA Rugby and SA Cricket as well! They are in a shambles!

    • I’ll appoint an OAFS board to control all sport – you can be chairman!

  5. Once you are in any of these positions can you also handle SA Rugby and SA Cricker – they are in a shambles!

  6. With all the BS from the top down or is it from the bottom up? one positive has undoubtedly emerged is that Zuma and his cohorts have done more for the DA than the DA has ever done for themselves. The Eff has certainly helped the DA cause grow.
    ]I will defintely vote for you as President just as long as you allow all us plebs to share in the comfort of your castle you might be prone to build.

    • Whatever I build, everyone will be invited around for extremely expensive food and entertainment – and I’d still be billions under budget!

  7. You’ve got my vote, corny jokes aside! :))

  8. I’ll vote for you…what will you call your party so I know which box to tick!?

    • Not decided yet but I think something along the lines of the “Malt Whisky, Cigar smoking, Laughing outrageously, fuck you party” OR “the anti everything you’ve ever known before party”

  9. Hey Chris that’s not a bad joke. This one is much worse….

    Horse walks into the same bar. Barman asks “Why the long face?”

    • Yes Harry, that is much worse. But it brings a smile.


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