Brewer's Droop #251

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I’ve written before about “Game Of Thrones” and said how I would never watch it. Which, on reflection, was a little churlish.

So when a good friend of mine loaned me the boxed set I thought I’d give it a go – and tried to watch it with no preconceptions.

In the first episode when some very cuddly puppies were butchered I thought well, I expect that’s just a one-off. (Actually they were baby wolves but they still looked like chocolate box covers).

So I stuck it out and watched some more episodes and I think I’ve worked out what the writers were trying to achieve.

I can see them all now, around a table, discussing what they could put into the show to shock viewers and thereby getting them fascinated enough to keep watching.

I can easily visualise some bloke saying “oh let’s have lots of nudity – especially boobs” and his co-writer saying “well everyone does naked breasts these days so let’s have some full frontal willies as well.”

“Oh! I’ve got an idea” says another “lets throw in some incest and lots of rape – that’ll keep them glued to their sets!”

“Dragons!” says another “We must have some dragons” followed by “and some cannibalism or ritual eating of gross organs anyway!”

So I suffered through brother and sister having sex (and children), women being raped en masse and lots of wrinkly willies wobbling about everywhere.

Then came the dragon’s eggs (although I haven’t seen any real dragons yet) and a charming scene where the very pretty blonde queen gorges on a raw heart (or something resembling it) and really pigging out on it.

Lots of realistic male-on-male sex followed (both penetration and oral).

I even put up with “the white walkers” which are some scary ghost-like children (perhaps lifted straight from the 1960 “Village of the Damned” movie?) who made eerie appearances every now and then.

During one jousting scene a “knight” was knocked off his his horse and was so furious that he took his sword and graphically cut the horses head off with one swipe – blood splattering everywhere.

That was when I decided that maybe I’d made a mistake in starting to watch it in the first place.

What really does puzzle me is how this programme wins so many awards (but not such big audiences here though – about 140,000 viewers over three channels).

I really cannot find one redeeming feature, although I will give them credit for generally good acting – the dwarf (Peter Dinklage) does have some moderately funny lines and he delivers them perfectly – but the storyline and the actors seem to take second place to the shock scenes (which follow each other with great regularity). One lovely moment was when a sword was plunged through another man’s eyeball.

I seriously doubt that any fan of this series could explain the plot. If one really does exist then I couldn’t spot it. It’s just about a struggle for a Kingdom – really unimaginative story not even based remotely on something that really did happen.

Lastly, I have no clue what happens in the following four series but I honestly can’t think of any more nasty things they could add. It’s all been done already.

Maybe they could add paedophilia but wait, no they’ve already done that, because I think the Queen (or some other woman) was only 13 when she was ravaged rather explicitly.

Maybe some seal-clubbing could be worked into the script?

I did read somewhere that in the current series a man has his face eaten off by dogs, so that’ll be nice family viewing one evening won’t it?

On a lighter note, I’m thoroughly enjoying Dr. Thorne – it’s in the same league as Downton Abbey. Lovely dialogue. Nice to watch and no little puppies being slaughtered or horses being beheaded.


Well now we have the European Brexit results and still nobody really knows how it’s going to affect the UK, Europe or the world. The bookies even got it wrong where some of my friends got odds as high as 4/1 on “leave”. The reason they got it wrong is that they listened to the wealthy and the giant corporations based in London – and ignored the ordinary man struggling to make ends meet in the rest of the country. But that’s politics for you – strange for bookmakers to make fundamental mistakes like that though.

However, one thing that was done absolutely correctly and this is a direct message to Jacob Zuma and all his colleagues in Government; when you get it wrong, as David Cameron did, then you resign. It’s a matter of respect and dignity. But I guess our democracy isn’t mature enough for you guys to understand that yet.

On our own doorstep, the excitement is building for the Municipalities vote. Similar to Britain, we mustn’t get this one wrong – every single vote will count. Let’s hope the corrupt and useless get a thoroughly good thrashing. Maybe some of them could join the Game of Thrones cast? They’re scary enough.

Hey ho, the mornings are getting lighter and Spring is on its way!


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  1. Agree totally that nobody REALLY knows what’s going to happen in the EU – except that the rich bankers are going to be pissed off.

    Loved the line about Zuma resigning – hilarious!

    • Yes, it’s almost comical watching our parliamentarians trying to behave like REAL politicians. They get to the BMWs and Johnny Blue quite quickly and there it ends.

      I really don’t believe they feel they’re doing anything wrong…they just don’t get it.

    • Actually no one really knows what’s going to happen in the EU, referendum or not.The EU is a basket case of its own making, a bit like your president !
      Tot siens

  2. Yep. I watched the first episode of GoT and that was enough for me. Sick.

  3. Agree with you Chris. I watched 5 mins of the first episode a few years ago and gave up. However it should be noted that the TV series is based on the books written by George R R Martin. I have no idea how closely the TV series follows the book storyline.

    • Adriaan, I haven’t read the book and, given what I’ve seen on TV, that’s highly unlikely to happen.

  4. Brilliant, as always, Chris. Now I know why I have never been tempted to watch G o T.

    • Thanks Carole. There really is nothing to see in that programme. When you watch all the other good stuff on TV you start to become more selective I believe.

      I miss the 3 hours of my life I spent watching GoT – gone forever.

  5. Excellent comments Chris! Thanks mate :)

  6. I am still finding it quite difficult to easily spot the difference between a Games of Thrones episode and media coverage of the ANC municipal nomination process.

    • In GoT they get their heads cut off – in the Municipals they get a salary increase.

  7. Hope you saw The Casual Vacancy (BBC First), only 3 episodes. Got to love their mini-series.

    • The TV series was very good and to my mind a very good adaptation of the book, both in plot and characters; Crystal particularly.

  8. Brilliant as always Chris. Never have seen Game Of Thrones and never want to (especially after reading your review!)

    Am also watching Dr. Thorne – excellent period drama!

  9. Thanks, Chris. I tried five minutes of GoT and must take my hat off to you for watching more than that and for the summary. It underlines my resolution after the five minutes I endured that, quite frankly, GoT is a pile of hot and bubbling, not worth wasting any time on. Zuma resign? Doubt it. Too stupid and corrupt. Great column! Thanks again!

  10. Love it, Chris. Thank you. Now I understand why I never really thought much of GoT and was wondering what was wrong with me. Nothing! LOL. Am curious about Brexit – what happens to UK folks in SA holding a EU passport?

    • Nothing. You have a British passport (I hope). It should say Great Britain on the front. For the next two years you’ll be able to travel around Europe with no problem – after that who knows? BUT you’ll always be allowed into the UK with it.

  11. My son suggested GoT to me some time back. Managed less than 5 minutes. Whenever I go into his room, he’s still watching Anime, even though he adores fantasy books.
    I watched Mr Selfridge and Poirot recently and enjoyed both. The Brits really are good at period pieces, although Wolf Hall left me disappointed.
    There was an excellent Brit political drama shown here about 20 years ago…I forget its name, but would love to re-watch it ( If anyone remembers what I’m talking about and knows the name, please inbox me on FB.

  12. Is The Game of Thrones set in Brussels

    • Ha. Nothing’s ever done in Brussels

  13. The problem is that politicians readily forget they were elected to serve and not to rule. In South Africa, however, it is the electorate that has forgotten.

  14. Hey Chris, I think GOT is a product of its time. TV content has to cater for what’s hot with younger viewers than us. So perhaps what I’m saying is that you gotta get with it pal! Reruns of Dallas and Baywatch just don’t cut it today…

  15. Do you remember Sooty & Sweep Harry? Those were the days!

    I take your point and I do think we’re getting ever closer to watching “live execution from Texas” but I still don’t agree that TV production has to pander to the basest of human emotion.

    (Not that I have anything against nudity of course).

  16. Glad you had a droop-rant about Game of Thrones. Its been worrying me for some time that I was out of touch by not watching it. After your excellent critique, I shall stick with following Game of Trump. Less gory but equally stupid.


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