Brewer's Droop #246

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Firstly, a very happy New Year to one and all! Personally speaking, I had a wonderful Christmas and scored a new pair of slippers plus a Ukulele. Sadly, my two sons went back to London and left me clutching my Uke (still can’t play) and an empty wine cellar (the reason I can’t play).

Here’s hoping that 2016 will see the end of Zuma (not holding my breath though) and that Home Affairs Minister Gigaba will also go (ditto) and that SAA will be sold and recover its image (ditto). Hopes too for a better Rand (pushing my luck I think), investors will return (ditto) and the economy will improve substantially.

Above all else, I’m seriously hoping for more tolerance throughout the country. There’s just too much hate speech, inflammatory media reports and vicious social media rants.


I wasn’t going to say anything about racism – mainly because it’s a concept mainly kept alive by the media and those schadenfreude Tweeters (who seem to be multiplying).

The thing is I really don’t “get” racism. None of my friends use it (much) and, if they do, it’s generally humorous.

However, have you ever heard the following expressions used by yourself or anyone you know? (Hint: there is no racism involved here).

Four-eyed git. Goofy. Skinny. Fatty. Wobble bottom. Lard Ass. Typical Woman Driver! Typical Man Driver! Typical Teenage driver! Asshole! Wanker! Prick! Moron!

You know where I’m going with this.

Not one of the above is racist. Yet, they’re all offensive (to most of us anyway).

When I read about Penny Sparrow, and others, I know perfectly well that they’re making abusive and offensive and racist remarks. But many of them, I’m sure, are not truly racist. And, no, I am definitely NOT defending anything anyone has said.

But spare a moment to think about the man with protruding teeth. Does he deserve to be called “goofy”? Well, yeah, maybe so – and if he wants to get through life as a reasonably sane person he’d better learn to live with it – or get some expensive dental work done.

And what about the lady with the very large rear-end? Does she deserve to be called “wobble bottom”?

I read a piece in a newspaper recently about some lady socialite who’s recently changed colour by making her skin less black. Why? There’s nothing wrong with black skin – in fact it’s beautiful. And it’s so ironic that, over the holidays, thousands of white women suffered severe sunburn trying to look less white! We’re all mad you know.

If we all agree that there’s nothing wrong with our skins why do we harp on so much about “equal opportunity” and start calling each other “racists”?

We’re all a little too precious I think.

If you didn’t get that job it shouldn’t be because you are the wrong colour – it should be because there’s someone better suited than you.

And I’ve never, ever, been quite so disappointed with our media. Inflammatory headlines about race are incredibly harmful to our country. Just STOP it. Please!

And if people like Sparrow want to spew forth their insulting rhetoric then do not put their names up in 48pt type – ignore them and let them crawl back to the slime.

But instead, some publications absolutely thrive on Twitter and Facebook comments and pounce on anything hateful within seconds of it being published – many of whom, I’m sure, regret what they said – as I did recently when I shouted out my car window “Oi! Watch where you’re going you senile old fart!”

In The Times on 13 January 2016 Panashe Chigumadzi wrote an article on “what do black people want?” Ignoring, for a moment, that she has a massive chip on her shoulder she writes (or repeats) that white people should not help black people in distress. Amongst other ravings she suggests that (help) “….appeases white guilt but…does nothing to dismantle the structural racism that is founded on the theft of land and subsequent accumulation of white generational wealth on the back of black labour.”

It’s worth noting that she was born in Zimbabwe about three years after Nelson Mandela left prison. Just thought I’d mention it.

She goes on to say “…South Africa’s black majority poor…” and “…white monopoly capital that owns 97% of the economy and more than two-thirds of South Africa’s land mass…”

I’m not going to spend too much time debating her pathetic assertions (not a very good writer either by the way) except to point out the blindingly obvious.

It’s people like this who fan the flames of racism – she is a destroyer not a builder. She is, in fact, a racist and we are so much poorer, as a nation, when she’s given media space to stir up hateful emotions.

This “theft of land” thing is a common cry around the world. It’s the nature of the human race. My rightful homeland was certainly stolen from my family. And as for this “white generational wealth” and “on the back of black labour” – again, this happens to all races (my own included) all over the world and has been so for centuries.

But I’m reluctant to call the development of land which, in turn, increases the overall wealth of the nation, “theft”.

And as for this mythical “white wealth” – I don’t think she’s done her homework very well actually. For a start, the majority of poor people in SA are obviously going to be black. That’s simple arithmetic. As for whites owning 97% of everything, I’m quite sure that’s totally wrong. In fact I read somewhere over the holidays that 99% of the world is “owned” by 1% of the people (and no, I have no clue whether they’re black or white).

When the ANC took over control of the country we all thought (myself included) that, given the infrastructures in place (like SAA, Railways, Eskom, SABC etc etc) that we could, all of us, at last, live together in harmony and prosperity.

This doesn’t appear to be the case because now that Mandela and his mates have shuffled off this mortal coil, we’re left with a rag-bag of incompetent politicians and (mostly) villains.

As for Panashe Chigumadzi’s diatribe, what it translates to is “hey white trash – pay for the sins of your fathers and give us everything you own!”

I’m sure she’s a nice person but I really do think she should concentrate on children’s stories.

So why don’t we all try just saying kind things about each other and avoid the insults (yes, I mean you baldy!)


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  1. Dear Chris,

    I always liked the way you write and this time you have said it perfectly. I am black, you are white. I like you, you like me. Where’s the problem? And let’s forget all about those Penny Sparrows of the world. Bless you.

    • And you too!



  2. So when will you be performing on your Ukulele Chris?

  3. If you werent “going to say anything about racism”you didnt do a great job !
    However, ref Panache in para 21, why is it that Africans are so good at destroying (e.g., i suspect, the recent plethora of bush fires) and dont create much except chaos. I say this in wonderment rather than criticism.

  4. Brilliant letter, Chris. You have said what all of us are thinking.

    • Thanks Carole. It’s what the vast majority think – but it’s the lunatic fringe that get the media space. Sigh.

  5. You always make me smile.
    Keep on the good writing. Love your style.

  6. Just been hooked into your site – Thanks.
    On the subject:
    If you live in South Africa and obey the law, by default, you are racist; given all the laws on the statute books that are based on colour, which were put in place since ’94.
    What I’m finding worrying is the increase in the call, in effect, for Civil War; where one section of South Africans take from other South Africans.

    • Tristan, this sounds very much as if you’re part of the problem – not the solution.

  7. Best comment on all of this was from Chris Moerdyk – gives new meaning to the term ‘Sparrow Fart’.

  8. “Oi! Watch where you’re going you senile old fart!”
    It wasn’t me driving!

  9. Sunday school kids were engaged in a discussion regarding Adam & Eve and how we all came to exist. Little Chris raises his hand and declares, “my dad says that we have evolved from apes”
    Sunday school teacher responds, ” that may be so but we are not talking about you lot”

  10. Guess you’re right, Chris, if being observant is a problem.

    • I’m not disagreeing with your observations Tristan – I’m just saying that perhaps we should ignore the rules and concentrate on liking each other for a change. We’ll get nowhere by calling every small thing “racist” and it’ll be even worse if militant extremists get their way.

      • Agree

  11. Add stupid to your list of expressions Chris. I’m at a point when I can no longer defend anything I see, hear or watch when it comes to our current socio-political and currency meltdown fiasco. It’s all simply stupid every single one of us. The fact that no-one see’s that is beyond sad.


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