Brewer's Droop #206

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It’s a given that we all love Nelson Mandela, right? So why are so many people writing about him as if he were dead already?

It seems that everywhere I turn there’s another bloody journalist writing about how much he will be missed or what will happen to White people or how much the Rand will decline “when he passes”.

I think the first thing we should do is to be grateful that he’s back home and that he has no intention of kicking the bucket just yet.

As my old Mum used to say “never borrow sorrow from tomorrow.”


I caught the tail-end of a debate on the wireless recently. It was about whether or not children should be allowed to play with toy guns.

Later on I read many exchanges between people in different forums on the same subject.

The overwhelming majority seem to be in favour of outlawing them (it always astonishes me to see how quick we are to ban things).

Personally I don’t see the problem. When I was a kid if we didn’t have toy guns then we’d make one out of an old stick. And if we didn’t have a stick handy then we’d use our thumb and forefinger and charge about yelling something like “bang bang, you’re dead!”

Whilst I can’t be 100% certain, I’m fairly sure that none of the kids I played with back then ever became murderers.

It’s not the “toy” that produces delinquents but rather those parents who insist on banning things (like toy guns and blood & guts video games). In my opinion it’s also those same parents who “block” certain TV programmes that produce kids who have seriously unhealthy attitudes towards sex.

Kids have been interested in playing cowboys and indians (or variations of that) for centuries, and no parent who’s read the latest “child psychology” drivel is going to change that. Similarly, healthy minded boys have always been fascinated with naked tits. (I’m not sure what the equivalent is with girls.)

That’s it. It’s perfectly normal. (And my analyst agrees by the way.)


And speaking of abnormal people have you noticed that suddenly everyone’s an Economist – a Global Economist at that? All of them experts at what this BRICS crap is all about.

One “expert” says it’s the best thing that could ever happen here and we’re all in for an age of plenty with government contracts all round and a free bottle of Johnny Blue for everyone. And just as you get comfortable with that idea another bloody “expert” comes along to tell you we’re all doomed and we’d better learn to speak Mandarin soon otherwise our new colonial overlords are going to withdraw the chop suey.

I know a couple of things. Firstly that when really big blokes start smiling and calling you “mate” then it’s time to worry. If Brazil, Russia, India and China want to be our BFF’s then all I can do is quote the sage: “and the lion shall lie down with the lamb, but the lamb shall not get much sleep.”

The other thing I know is this. All “ism’s” are going to fail. I couldn’t give a tinkers cuss whether you’re in favour of Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Sado-Masochism, Keynesism, Chomskyism, Marxism, Leninism, Tourism or Satanism.

And they’ll fail because they’re all based on a monetary system and money is doomed. It’s kaput, bereft of life, over and out. It still manages a few gasps because nobody actually realises it’s dead yet.

Money (and it doesn’t matter if it’s Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Rands or Monopoly) will no longer be in vogue and it will all be like having a fistful of Zimbabwean Dollars.

Remember you read it here first.

If you like, you can subscribe to a share of my compound in the Karoo. It’ll all be kitted out with fresh water, electricity and food. When the time comes you just drive through the gates and we’ll all settle down to a few years of watching “Mr. Bean” re-runs until the whole madness passes by.

Membership fees are extremely expensive but then, think of the excellent company and the fine cuisine.


In the meantime I’m about to leave on a cruise up the Bosphorus to Istanbul (where I hope to get a good price for the wife) and a peek into the Black Sea.

We were going to include Paris but I’m not that crazy about the place – I mean, after you’ve drunk wine where Piaf used to sing, what else is there to do? It’s not a very clean place either.

By the way, do you know how many Frenchmen it takes to defend Paris? Nobody knows because it’s never been tried. Ha Ha.

So we’re starting off in Rome and then, on the way back, are going to Sicily and will be making a short pilgrimage to the village of Corleone to pay my respects. (Movie watchers of The Godfather will understand.)

I’ll be back just in time for the howling Cape storms and the real winter.


And I’ll leave you with this one extremely distressing fact which a friend forwarded to me recently:

Between 2002 and 2010, an incredible 17,616 men, who really should have been paying more attention, were admitted to emergency rooms in America with “zip-related genital injuries”.

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  1. Agree totally about Madiba Chris, it’s all very macabre. You’re right on the mark about childrens toys too; it’s the parents not the product (or the television)!

  2. compelling and more so, thought provoking, but I do want to add my 2cent opinion in that violent images portrayed on the telly/video games, tend to make kids enact them in reality, ofcourse playfully though, but to what measure?, there was an incident (reference to a tv show based on real incidents) where a kid/minor was exposed to indecent sexual tv/porno and “raped” his peers only because it looked nice and wanted to fulfill the fantasy, I mean this is by no means a reflection of all kids and parents supervision of what kids watch, but how can you be 100% sure that your kids is not trying to be the next rap star emulating the lifestyle at all costs unbeknown to you?, im just saying what the mind sees the mind wants to do, again this may not be true for everyone #Just saying……..but great article even so

    • In my opinion Halle, children who are cocooned and over-protected from the real world (which includes a child’s imagination) are more likely to be distressed later on in life – and there can be severe consequences to that.

  3. In your compound in the Karoo, can we smoke inside?

    • What do you think? *wink*

  4. I’d like to subscribe to your Karoo compound. How do we pay?

    • I know this is a trick question because if I say “cash” then you’re going to say “but cash is dead”. But we’ll need cash (lots of it) to buy stuff from those people who still believe in it.

      I’ll take large bundles of used notes. There will be other payment options which I’ll circulate amongst the elite group (which we’ll be of course) later.

  5. Mandela we can stress and be fearful, but one has to be realistic his time is close Nd nothing can change that.
    I just wish that if possible he could make one last stand. And denounce the corruption and self searching leaders of this country. I feel it is his duty and moral obligation. Then forever rest in piece..

  6. My opinion on the toy gun thing is that it should only be debated by parents of boys (in particular). I remember discussing the very issue with my wife before we had our twin boys and saying that I did not want them to play with toy guns.

    That resolution soon fell apart and they have since had all manner of gun-like toys from water pistols to really authentic replicas. These boys have also turned out to be the most naturally passive and anti-violence kids that I know.

    The play gun thing is just that – a play gun thing.

    • My experience was identical. AND they took down their Playboy centre-folds without asking for my permission!

  7. Would love to join your Karoo experience but knowing you, you;ve bought a bit where the water will be “fracked” (No, seriously…where the fracking will be going on!)
    and we’ll have to travel to Beaufort West every morning.

    • Who drinks water? (oh yes, of course, to make the ice to make the rocks for the scotch – silly me). It will all be taken care of.

  8. Bon voyage sir – come back rested and ready to deliver your next inthralling outtake on the circus that is our everyday reality.

    • Thanks. Want me to bring you some Turkish Delight?

  9. Money having no value is, well, right on the money. I’m no economist or financial guru, but one thing has always puzzled me. When an economy can only grow as a linear function and debt (compound interest) grows exponentially, then we are all doomed, as the two lines will always intersect on a graph and I guess that’s where the the boom & bust cycles come from. The percentage of the interest rate only pushes the ‘bust’ further out or brings it closer in time…

    • EXACTLY!

  10. Just another bric in the wall,
    You have got it spot on with your quote “and the lion shall lay down with the lamb and the lamb shall not get much sleep”, this is very prophetic. China needs to colonise and has had its eye on Africa and its resources for many a year. Esentially we have told our traditional allies, friends and trading partners that we have changed sides and moved out of the democratic , free market, western sphere of infulence into the socialist/communist anti-christian eastern bloc. We will wake up one morning and find that a new colonial power has taken over and colonised Africa which will make the German, French, Portugese, Belgium, and British, look like pussy cats

  11. I would be very interested to find out how many of those 17616 blokes with “zip-related genital injuries” were not allowed to play with toy guns when they were kids…………!

  12. If I diet, may I pay in kind (with my vivacious personality)? And I’d need a swimming pool…
    The Mandela matter is in such bad taste…btw, I think it’s far too late to expect a last burst of fury from him…he possibly no longer knows who he really is.
    My boy loved reading, still does. But pink was his favourite colour and he didn’t grow up gay.


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